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(Capoeira) is an Afro-Brazilian national martial art, a synthesis of dance, acrobatics and games, all accompanied by national Brazilian music. According to the generally accepted version, capoeira originated in South America in the 17th and 18th centuries.

But nevertheless, experts still argue about the homeland and the time of the emergence of such a unique art. No one knows exactly where it came from, who was the founder of the ancient skill and, like capoeira, has gained rapid popularity from century to century.

There are several main hypotheses for its origin:

The African zebra dance, which was common among local tribes, became the prototype of the militant movements. Capoeira is a fusion of ancient cultures - Latin American and African dances. A dance of slave slaves, which gradually developed into a martial art. It is associated with the landing of Europeans on the continent and the birth of the slave trade.

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